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Biography: Mohammad Monfared

Translation & Every things : Golrokh Khalafi


Ebru Gundes was born on the 12th of October, 1974 in Istanbul. Rumor is that she had an amazingly sensible and beautiful voice as a child and she showed a great deal of interest in singing while growing up.

The goal, God had given Gundes an invaluable gift and that was her strong voice which offered her not only an opportunity but also a very high value in the music market…hers was a young unique voice to be introduced to the people of Turkey.

In those days NESE MUZIK PRODUCTION has not yet had a chance to show off its potential and for the producer Nese Demirkat, this newly discovered voice brought about new possibilities and opportunities for MARS MUZIK PRODUCTIONS’ then manager Koral Sarytas and the well known violinist and composer Selcuk Tekay. For Ebru Gundes these two individuals made possible all of the successful agreements that were to come with the MARS MUSIC PRODUCTIONS for the following years.

Once the preparation for the album started the stage experience had to be gained and the attention of the audiences had to be won. In the world of fame, at that time, the fascination for a long time had been with the famous and much loved Turkish vocalist Emel Sayin. The beautiful singer had made an outstanding progress in a relatively short period of time and had made a living legacy while Gundes’s album was beginning to be introduced to the world of music.

The year 1993 brought with itself the first album named “Tanri Misafiri” (God’s Guest) which exploded like a bomb into the music world and the music markets. For this album Selcuk Tekay was the producer, Ozkan Turgay the arranger of Gundes’s first album. This album sold thousands of copies right at the start of its release. The album “Tanri Misafiri” was one very reward deserving work for Gundes since in 1994 the famous Turkish music video network KRAL TV rewarded Gundes with the Title “Best Female Singer of the Year” which Gundes put to her name for the next three years.

Shortly after Ebru Gundes’s first album the preparation for the second album started and the following year “Tatli Bela” (Sweet Curse) was broadcasted. For the young singer “Tatli Bela” also represented the success of a long, difficult journey which was welcomed and enjoyed by the people for its slow and romantic pieces and songs.

“Ben Daha Buyumedim” (I have Prospered More) was the name of Gundes’s third album which was released in 1995. “Firtinalar” was the first hit song of this album and with it Gundes send a rather strong message. However, “Ben Daha Buyumedim” and “Cok mu Gordunuz” were the two songs that were much criticized and reproached. This album made possible the union of the young and famous singer/song writer Serdar Ortac with Ebru Gundes. The result was a close and strong friendship that has lasted the test of time for the two.

The name of the fourth album was “Kurtlar Sofrasi” (In the Company of Wolves) which came out in 1996. At this time Gundes was offered to play a role in a popular TV series and it was here that Gundes’s acting abilities and talents were also discovered.

Two years later after a short break in 1998 the album “Sen Allahin Bir Lutfusun” came to the music markets. This Album was made possible by Selcuk Tekay and namely Kerem Okten who directed and arranged its production. Besides the way of arrangement of the songs in this album, the more noticeable was Ebru Gundes’s own way and manner if reinforcing and strengthening the lines of her songs. Her voice was now at the start of its peak and getting better and stronger with each album.

In the year 2000 Ebru Gundes replied to her fans love and affection with a brand new album. “Don Ne Olur” (Please Return) was the name of this album and it was during one of its studio recordings that the young singer collapsed and was rushed to the Metropolitan Florence Nightingale Hospital where she was taken into intensive care due to the discovery of a brain hemorrhage. She was operated on twice by Prof. Dr. Cengiz Kuday, the head of Istanbul University’s Department of Neurology. After that Gundes spend a long time away from the stage and performances due to her illness and recovery time that was needed after the surgeries. For a long time her fans missed listening to her voice. Hardly had they lost the love they had for her music and voice since her last album “Don Ne Olur” turned out to be a huge success in the music market for the number of copies it sold and it turned out to be one of the most successful records that Gundes ever signed. Tarik Agansoy arranged the production of the album and found a team of young song writers and composers for this album. Sezgin Buyuk, Altan Cetin, Sinan Ozseker, Ertugrul Polat, Hakki Yalcin, and namely Sezen Aksu the most famous Turkish rock singer took part in the making of the piece called “Hata” for this album.

In November of 2001 yet another brand new album was released by Gundes this one called, Hayat, Kadere Inat Seni Sil Bastan Yasayacagim “AHDIM OLSUN” (Life, stubborn destiny with you I’ll be reunited once more in my years “My Oath is Yours”). This album embodied and represented the pain of the experience Gundes endured the year before and it also offered a clear story line for the events that took place in her life that year.

Just this past month in August of 2003, Ebru Gundes presented the music world with yet another magical album, this one called “Sahane” (Magnificent) has been produced by Erol Kose and EROL KOSE PRODUCTIONS, it has some of the Turkish Music World’s best and most famous names engraved in it’s songs and music. There is much to say about this album which we will make sure to share with you as soon as the reports are out…

The professional life of this amazingly beautiful and exceptional singer to one side and the splendor of her concerts to another, the best days of Gundes’s career as a singer and a master vocalist are yet to come with more surprises for her fans and more of the same strong woman we have known for the past ten years as one of Turkey’s undoubtedly most beautiful voice and most beautiful face.